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Welcome to David L. Debertin’s new Web site, www.dldebertin.com. This is the main Web site for finding my other sites on a wide array of topics. All of these Web sites are based on hobbies of mine.


For a long time, most of these web sites were hosted on my AOL members account. That worked fine for awhile, but I was limited there to about 100 MB of storage, total, and further, the space was divided among seven different screen names, and I was always trying to determine what to put on each screen name. Now, since I own the domain name www.dldebertin.com everything can be in one place. Because of the space limitations, I had difficulty storing high-resolution images. Now I will have no such problem. Plus the Web sites looked amateurish, because I was limited in the amount of file space.

As of October 31, 2008, AOL has eliminated AOL Hometown and with it, all addresses that begin with http://members.aol.com I am moving everything that was on these accounts to my http://www.dldebertin.com account. This is taking some considerable time and there may be errors in the process, dead links, etc. In particular, Web site addresses that began with http://members.aol.com/dldebertin/ and http://members.aol.com/LXiSebring will nolonger work. For the most part, two widely used web sites are affected.

First, the Willett furniture Web site which used to be at http://members.aol.com/dldebertin/willet.htm will now be at http://www.dldebertin.com/willett/willett.htm

Second, the Sebring coupe owners pages which used to be at http://members.aol.com/LXiSebring/ownerseb.htm willnow be at http://dldebertin.com/sebring/ownerseb.htm

The Sebring coupe owners’ page is no longer being updated, and has not been since 2006. I’m keeping the archive of letters and other information on line for owners of the cars, and Eric and I still respond to email questions.

The newly moved Chrysler Sebring Coupe archive page is at http://www.dldebertin.com/sebring/ownerseb.htm Click here

The Sebring Coupe owners'photo page is at http://www.dldebertin.com/sebringphotos/photos.htm Click here


The Web sites include :

1.     My Web site for Sebring Coupe owners. This has proven to be a very popular site for Chrysler Sebring coupe owners to hang out, and I get a ton of e-mail each year. This site has also existed for about 10 years

2.     The Gazebo Building page. This page is for anyone interested in building a back yard gazebo

3.     Willett furniture Web site. This site is particularly of value for owners of Willett furniture produced in Louisville, Kentucky from the 30’s through the early 60’s

5.     Faux Finishing Web Site. This site is intended for hose who want to learn how to apply glazes to walls to create faux finishes.

6.     MIDI music Web site. I create MIDI files on musical keyboards. Some of the files I have created are available for downloading and playing on your computer

7.     The Homes of Shadeland East Web Site. This Web site tells about the homes in my subdivision, Shadeland East, but contains information of interest to anyone interested in 70’s design and décor.

8.     My Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Loudspeaker building page. This page is particularly geared toward those who are interested in building interesting but low-cost loudspeakers.

9.     Recipes and Food. These include many original and simple recipes to try.

10.  Others. In addition there are a number of other smaller sites. These include a Debertin family geneology page


Stay tuned for further developments!

Here are the Web sites now stored. The newly moved Chrysler Sebring Coupe archive page is at http://www.dldebertin.com/sebring/ownerseb.htm
Click here

The Sebring Coupe owners'photo page is at http://www.dldebertin.com/sebringphotos/photos.htm Click here

The Willett Furniture pages are now at Click here

Photos of my cherry Willett dining room set Click here

My Paintings Web Site

The Backyard Gazebo page Click here

The Faux finish painting page Click here

Changing the color of Wrangler Jeans and other Garments using a Washer and a Gallon of Household Bleach

The Homes of Shadeland East Web Site

Do-It-Yourself Loudspeaker and Vintage Hi Fi Gear Web Site

Web Site with Downloads of MIDI music I created

Downloads of Holiday MIDI music I created

Winter Squash and Recipe page

Humorous Recipe page

David's Kentucky Burgoo recipe page

New Town ND and Earl Bunyon page

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