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Mini Monitor Project

Goldwood Project

Three Way Project

Here are photos of some of the extensive and elaborate speaker-testing facilities in my bedroom. The three-ways are shown in their first design, with the Piezo tweeters.

This photo shows version 2 of the three-way, with the Goldwood tweeters.

On recommendation of kind people at the digital asylum, I recently added a Toshiba SD-3950 DVD and CD player to the bedroom system. For a cost of $59.95 it does a wonderful job playing back audio CD's as well as DVDs My three-way speakers sound particularly nice I think. Here are a couple of photos.

I have cardboard mockups of several future designs employing vintage drivers. Here is one using 10-inch woofers from Zenith allegros, along with a cone mid-range and horn tweeter from a JBL mid-range. An alternative mid-range is a William Hecht-designed dome from a J C Penney MCS speaker.I'm leaning toward using the Hect mid-range and the horn tweeter from the JBL in this design

I am also working on a "Mickey Mouse" speaker using Lafayette drivers.

I always get asked if these are the final versions of these speakers. The answer is No. There is only one of each of these mockups. I do these cardboard mockups to test out driver combinations, crossover designs, and get a basic feel for the required box size before cutting it out in MDF. The carboard box speakers sound amazingly good,considering the material.