Vintage Gear and Audio photos


Here are some speaker pages from my 1970 Allied Radio catalog





My first real stereo was from Allied Radio Shack, right after the merger.



Lafayette always built catalog speakers with more drivers than the other manufacturers, and this example is no exception.


Here is a vintage interview with one of the greats of loudspeaker design, Henry Kloss. I have a pair of Large Advents


This photo shows my DAK/BSR Thunder Lizards. DAK by the way is back in business at


Here is a photo of my JVC VR-5541 driving the Goldwood project. This receiver dates from 1972. I also have a JVC VR-5521 driving the Advents. The 5521 Iíve owned since new. The 5541 was a generous gift from one of my Vintage Asylum friends.